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Does the Music Events Filter work anywhere in the World?App user

What’s Open Now No not Yet. Most of the Metropolis are supported in many Countries but not everywhere.

Can you Tell More about the Moving & Static Content on the Map?App user

What’s Open Now Almost finished this will be working in a Major Update before Collision May 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

When will there be more in-app Widgets available? And what kind of Widgets can i expect?App user

What’s Open Now We launched the first Widget in the Last release of What’s Open Now for Android. This Widget is a Weather Widget and works any where in the World. You can do a fast search and check how much it is freezing on the North Pole in Seconds.

What kind of Filters and Widgets can i expect in the upcoming releases? App user

What’s Open Now You can think of easy Accessible Cultural spots, Public Transport, Festivals, Cultural Events, Or great Deals near you. On the other hand Widgets will give you a new angle to explore like the Weather Widget. You can think of were is Sunshine, forest or any other Geo information but also how much Snow is there or were can i jump on the boat, were is my taxi exactly.

Does WhatsOpenNow work anywhere in the world? So if i go Tokyo, Berlin or Los Angeles i still get the best result from open businesses on my map?App user

What’s Open Now Yes the app works anywhere in the world! Our mission is to give to the most accurate and rich content as possible.

How can i choose between places i want to visit at day or night?App user

What’s Open Now We made a button in the upper menu so you can switch between day and night time for a fast search for places near you.

Can i use the app without gps or internet? App user

What’s Open Now We are sorry you can’t. WhatsOpenNow needs to scan your location to give you open places near you.

Does the App come in multiple languages? App user

What’s Open Now Yes! We are going to release a update were multiple languages are supported. We start with English, Dutch and Spanish.

Is it possible to plan a walking route directly in WhatsOpenNow? App user

What’s Open Now Yes! You can plan a route directly in WhatsOpenNow or in your route planner by clicking in the detail page in the navigation icons.

If i like a place can i easily rate it? App user

What’s Open Now Yes! In the detail panel you will find the rating, by clicking on it you can rate your favorite place.

I’m looking for a hotel tonight can i directly book a hotel that i found in WhatsOpenNow? App user

What’s Open Now Yes you can! When you find a nice hotel click on it and the detail panel will appear. Within the panel you will find a “direct book” option.

Is it possible to easily book a taxi from my location? App user

What’s Open Now Yes that’s possible! If your metropolitan area supports booking a taxi you can do that within the detail panel.

Will there be new categories added? App user

What’s Open Now Yes off course we want to create an optimal mix with the best content for you to make a good choice! We are adding museums,  hotels and later music events.

Can i add or change content if i see a business that has the wrong opening hours? App user

What’s Open Now Yes you can! We strive to make the content better with the help of our users. Anyone can click on the pen button in the detail page to make the content better.

Can i download WhatsOpenNow for my Windows or Apple phone? App user

What’s Open Now Not yet, WhatsOpenNow is only available for android at this moment. We Are working on the IOS version for May 2015

Who build WhatsOpenNow? App user

What’s Open Now App is a product from KOOPmedia & Q-studios.